The Consistency to Power Module (C) [Career Empowerment]

Dr. Nazli Hardy

Power Your Career with Your Empowered Brand!

Transformation Delivered by The Consistency Module (C)!

a customized and empowered brand (that includes a logo and mini resume) that represents the value your experiences bring to the professional table (& can pave your way to your next career move).

a clear and consistent online presence that reflects your confidence - for everyone to see.

The module contains:

  • At-a-Glance steps (roadmap)
  • Overview workbook
  • 4 simple, guided, transformative exercises, designed to produce quick & effective results. Exercises are supported by logic and backed by research
  • A checklist to ensure that you have reached the milestone of each exercise
  • Mini resume templates and priority calendars
  • Short empowering scripts - (print for your pocket)

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Note: The Career Empowerment Modules (A, B, and C) are designed to be carried out in order. Together, the modules are a complete unit.

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Module C: shows you how to create a consistency that elevates your brand - across online platforms - allowing you to redirect and own your professional path to one that reflects the value you bring to the table.

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The Consistency to Power Module (C) [Career Empowerment]

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