The Authority Module (A+) [Empowered Mindset]

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The Authority Module (A+) [Empowered Mindset]

Dr. Nazli Hardy

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Transformation Delivered by The Authority Module (A+)!

After completing the exercises in this module, you will have redefined and reauthenticated your sense of self AND you will have the toolset to always (re)authenticate yourself without external validation.

Module A+ is designed & structured to enable you to rediscover & elevate & own your AUTHENTIC "sense of self" without needing or seeking the APPROVAL of friends or foes.

The module contains:

  • At-a-Glance steps (roadmap)
  • Overview workbook
  • 4 simple, guided, transformative exercises, designed to produce quick & effective results. Exercises are supported by logic and backed by research
  • A checklist to ensure that you have reached the milestone of each exercise
  • Short empowering scripts - (print for your pocket)

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Module A+: gives you the freedom of living life on your own authority without apology or approval - because you know exactly who you are and what you value

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